A done-for-you partnership with IAM Digital means that all your social media marketing activities are taken care of.

We will create the perfect strategy and run it by your team to ensure that branding and messaging goes hand in hand with your vision. Once the strategy is settled, we start campaign creation. We typically generate a ROI (return on investment) of 2-5+ for all our clients. We manage the whole process from A-Z including: Cold Campaigns, Lead Generation, Webshop Conversions, Retargeting, Data Collection, Data Analysis and Lazer Targeted Advertising on Social Media platforms.

This service is tailored for businesses that wants all their social media marketing taken care of without having to spend any time on it. Hiring IAM Digital means that your SoMe advertising campaigns are being handled by the best in the field. We deliver a premium service. 


Our done-with-you solution is for businesses that already have a marketing team that needs consulting.

The program consists of a 2-day training, in which our CEO Miguel travels to your location. In these 2 days Miguel will construct your entire digital marketing strategy alongside your team, while teaching every step of the process. This ensures that your company starts out with a premium SoMe Marketing Campaign, and a marketing team that knows how to manage and scale it in the future. The training can cover: 1. Every aspect of paid advertising on social media platforms Facebook & Instagram. 2. Complete Webinar/Sales Funnel Creation from A-Z in conjunction with your team. In the two days we will construct a highly profitable model and funnel.

The training will give your team great insight into the mechanics of profitable social media advertising from someone who does it successfully on a daily basis.